Voodoo thing?

Ah! Finally. Life is back to normal, at least for the next few weeks. I swear it gets worse every month. Do people still refer to it as 'the curse'? Someone sure did put a hex on me.

Pennies from heaven
Well the store has more orders coming, meaning the doors will be open for a little while longer at least. That's good because I've become rather accustomed to getting a paycheck. It's pretty hard spending money when you have none. How else will I buy happiness? Hmmm?

Something changed
I miss so much. Like a dull ache inside me. Things were different back then. My head in the clouds. All the snogging, blowing money at the movies and dining out. I enjoyed cooking and reading, decorating. Having a nice glass of wine and just hanging out with a good friend. Being able to take my Mom or Sister out for lunch. Feeling pretty, feeling talented, feeling special. What I miss most are the possibilities. Not the past. Just being able to dream happily. I guess everyone reflects on their life. All we really need is to be able to look ahead, diligently.

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