Yeah, so I call in sick this morning. " I can't go to work because I've got diarrhea". How totally EMBARRASSING. Oh, and I drank apple juice later finding out your NOT supposed to. So I took my boss' s advice and got some Ginger Aid. The bonus was that it also had blackberry leaf in it which is good for what is ailing me. The tummy isn't rumbling as much. I'm not sure about work tomorrow. I hate to let Diana down. This might become a pain in the ass for both of us - no pun intended. I kid you not - my dog is having the same problem. It's a real poop party over here!

I HAVE to go to the doctors (yes, plural) and have been putting it off. Procrastination has led to my missing work and feeling miserable these days. It sounds strange but I feel like I'm not holding up my end of the deal by not getting better, or staying that way. It must suck dealing with sick people all day.


I can't seem to figure out where to start. I have piles of laundry to do, sky high dishes, a plethora of papers to go through, and figuring out how to deal with very possibly getting layed off (I have no idea what is happening to the store or where I stand). Top it all up with compulsive overeating and a current weight problem. My foot isn't getting any better and that headache keeps coming back. Don't forget the PMS! Frustrating? Hell yah!


I can smell it. Hear the droplets interposed by intermittent thunder that rumbles much like my stomach. Demeter 'Thunderstorm' is this fragrance. I guess the problem is that its missing the cool air and grey sky. Abeyance is everything, isn't it?

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