Here is a question to ponder while eating breakfast: Who came up with Nutella? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against chocolate for breakfast. Just give me sugar and I come back to life.

Food for thought
I wonder how many people eat MORE Mcdonalds since 'Supersize It'? I don't think I've eaten so many burgers and fries! If it's bad for me I WANT IT! If its cheap, if I'm lazy, if it isn't Mr. Noodles (I'm sick to death of) then it's fine by me. Just the suggestion triggers a craving. It really is addictive, I'll agree with that.

A mermaid near you
She baits the hook and reels me in everytime. The lure... hot or cold java, coffee, espresso! Who could resist? Starbucks makes going to work worthwhile. That little buzz that gets you through the day. Today is a Vente day for sure!

Bag Lady
I think I better unpack my purse. The idea of lugging it with me today is more than I can bare. I haven't gotten around to getting a new one. Just like the shoe shopping I've been putting off. I basically don't know what I want... Practical or really me.

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