Goldilocks And The Hero Pappa Bear

Last night I refused to fall asleep. At least until my brain stopped nattering on and on in the background. When I finally went to bed it was 6AM and even then I had to take something to do so.

Well, this afternoon I woke up with a jolt to banging on the back door, a bit frightened by it's urgency I went to answer. If I wasn't familiar with my neighboring Father's abrasive manner I would have been more hesitant. That's Confusing, giving the nature of the visit.

While still in a groggy state he began his rant while I stood stunned, as always, making him more agitated. When I finally got a word in to tell him to back up and start over I was able to make sense of the cussing.

While in his own yard he'd noticed a man in our backyard left both gates wide open, which is problematic seeing the dogs would take leave if left out. Another neighbor noticed how creepy he was acting and leering about. When he confronted this unknown individual - this vagrant had taken our bags of bottles to his stereotypical shopping cart. Fine and dandy but they were in our fenced yard, out of view! A no go zone, if you will. After the intruder lied and said we told him to take them my Dad gave him an earful of 'what for', sending him on his way.

All this while I lay napping! I'm Grateful that my door wasn't open per usual during this strangers investigation of the premises. My space felt threatened and I'm thankful for once that my pops was nosy and overbearing.

Did I say "its ever so nice having a Daddy nearby to chase the oh scary things away"?

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