Cheddar is better

So starts a slump day following a tumultuous night.
My throat feels like I swallowed a giant sized panda, which is hard to bear I'd say (not sure where that pun came from).

Up too late with little sleep and too much cheese, my dreams were so very frightening! I closed my eyes to spy the treachery brought on by pink wailing babes, hell bent on murdering their newborn kin. I doubt horror writers could conceive such terrible things. I'll quote myself saying "...some people are born evil" for why I witnessed such disturbing nocturnal events. These imaginings lead me to believe Swiss cheese may perhaps be the work of the devil, or at least a midnight snacking of regret. I dare say.

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jane said...

Well. Wow. I don't know what to say. I've had a sore throat too & also was woken up by a bad dream. I wonder if we're on the same wavelength or something like that. I dare say.