What have I been up to?

Some may wonder what I've been doing. My artsy whims aren't the easiest to track. Often I find myself going in more than one direction, riding the free sail of an art spirit arriving wherever inspiration takes me. I paint, I design, from there I grow.

I love to see other peoples creative renderings just as much as making my own. That is what brought me to Etsy. I just love the unpretentious, unadulterated expression of this craft community! Not only was setting up my own shop a perfect oppurtunity to make the cash I need to pursuit my illustration venue (I'm in desperate need of new software), it also allowed me to help others get their businesses off the ground. It's wonderful to be able to work at my own pace alongside such remarkable people. Art comes in so many forms!

Often one type of work leads into another. From there I began designing blogs and websites. There is nothing nicer than being able to help someones literary musings or objects of interest to truly shine.


Aubs said...

Etsy is the coolest site, isn't it?!? I'm also working hard to be a full time artist(paint/draw/graphic design), but motivation is hard to come by sometimes. The full time job gets in the way too.

jane said...

I love Etsy. I had no idea you were so talented! Your designs are very cute, I'm sure your Etsy shop will do well.