Not in my backyard

I held off posting this entry because I was afraid my feathers getting ruffled was my own problem... But alas, I'll take a go at being ballsey and put it up anyway!...

I've been trying to decide which direction I should take with this blog entry. Do I dig my talons into a ratty U.S. judge or the shit-for-brains law makers right here in my beloved country Canada?

If you haven't heard, a Buffalo, N.Y., teacher has been convicted of having sex with his 15-year old student. The judge's unprecedented ruling offered the offender a chance to avoid a one-year jail sentence by accepting a three-year exile to Canada.

WTF? Since when did we become an easy out for dealing with pedophiles in the U.S. judicial and penal system? Are we an opportunity to save U.S. citizens tax dollars from being spent building jails and funding rehabilitation programs? Also, since when does a criminal afford a choice on how he serves his sentence?

Being banished to Canada isn't a punishment by any means given our free healthcare and absolute rediculous age of consent at a measly 14 (except when being in a position of trust, making it criminal). Being free to reside in the country that is home to his wife and children doesn't seem like such a deprivation.

Out of sight and out of mind is a corrupt attitude towards discipline. It's about time for everyone to be accountable for their actions, or lack of action.

Otherwise, in the end, suffer the children as it is they who and pay the price.


kym said...

Wow! That is just ... bloody strange. The convicted pedophile's "punishment" is moving to Canada for three years to be with his wife and children??? What on earth was the judge thinking?

Lizzy B said...

Holy Crap! I can't even begin to tell you the rage I feel at that. So now, our tax dollars are supporting someone who can very well re-offend here? I think you said it best... "WTF?"

jane said...

Wow, that is so sick & irresponsible. I thought I'd heard everything, but obviously, not so.
I know in the past other states used to bus their inmates to Los Angeles, California & just drop them off.
Sadly, this doesn't surprise me all that much.

The Mass Defective said...

That's a pretty sick ruling. I hope officials in Canada are doing everything they can to thwart this supposed "sentence".

Think the judge that made the ruling should be behind bars himself.