Something's missing

I find it very peculiar how items disappear without explanation. We all lose things, but that isn't the absence I speak of. I'm talking about those things that never turn up once they have gone missing. One second you had it with you and made the awful mistake of putting it down, or dropping it. The next, you tear the place apart searching without success of retrieving the lost object. Simply put, it disappears, never to be found.

I've had things vanish. They weren't miniscule in size and obvious to miss. Forgetfulness has little bearing or reason to explain such occurrences. These objects aren't simply misplaced. They don't change location. They are absolutely, without a doubt, lost without a trace.

Unless I'm mistaken, things don't just dissolve into antimatter. They don't grow legs and run off on their own. They weren't stolen, borrowed, easily tossed to the side or thrown out. Even a thorough spring cleaning fails to locate the article. After serious contemplation we each individually come to the conclusion that the physical world is not what it seems. We deduce that there is more to meet the eye. Something fishy is going on...

When gone is really gone... that's perplexing.

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