Dressing up doggy

I am not one of those people who enjoy watching less than domestic variety animals trained to do stupid tricks. I have a sour expression on my face if I happen to come across clips of bears in tutus or elephants balancing on one leg. Humility for a few laughs. Where do we humans get off? Nothing amuses me about a chimp in any attire, I mean, unless they really want to wear the funny hat(primates have an eye for fashion).This topic came after a trip to the pet store this weekend.

The canine clothing debate
Well, for me there is no argument. Let the dog have clothes! Now, if 'Sparky' has an aversion to plaid or knits then by all means let the naked dog be. But what I found, while wandering the aisles and waiting to pay in a blessedly ever long line-up (gosh, Saturdays must be animal errand day) is that the majority of dogs turn out to be divas.

I couldn't help but notice the puppy posing in a winter jacket wagging hello tp her counterparts once inside, or the sporty sweaters being pawed at the racks by pooch loving humans. How could I not be aware of the little dog running merrily about in a Santa hat (honestly, beyond belief the dog seemed smitten with it). Even our neighbors fur-boy 'Cruiser' has been spotted in a yellow rain slicker enjoying an otherwise foul weathered walk.

I people, dare to tell you the truth... Amelie is among those fur-babies with a wardrobe (much to her 'daddy's' embarrassment and chagrin). It started with a t-shirt to keep her from nipping at her stitches when she was 'fixed' (a more compassionate approach compared to donning the detestable 'cone' and bumping about) And thus, doggy dressing began... she took to it like a duck to water. I thought at first she might be annoyed or self conscious (not only a human trait! Witness a dog in a bad hair cut and you'll see what I mean).

Yes, before that first article of true clothing she did accessorize. The odd bow clipping her bangs back (purely functional in reason of course). Indeed! I decided to proceed in light of her easy going reaction. So with winter here and blustery evening strolls with her pop, I say with affection that she struts her stuff in more than her own furry coat.

She doesn't run away or fuss when being buttoned up like most kids do. She jumps with glee ready to bundle up in her very own ruby red jacket, and I think that's more than about just being warm...
don't you?


Milt Bogs said...

I found a picture for Amelie.

jane said...

They even sell doggy clothes on the shopping channels. I was tempted to buy so many clothes for my daughter's dogs. Oh gosh, they even had a dress! haha
But Mishka is too big, thankfully...at least for the dress that was on sale. I'm sure you know, they aren't cheap.
I hope you'll share her pic with us all dressed up.

disso_k said...

I'm with Jane. When do we get to see the piccies. :)

Milt Bogs said...

Here's another one.

jane said...

hi gabbi,
i just dropped by to read your blog, but see you haven't posted in weeks. i hope you're doing alright. i'll visit again soon.

have a nice holiday season dear.

Steve said...

Just wanted to say thanks for expressing those moments of questioning, those thoughts that go so far and then stop, leaving us wondering what it was we were thinking, or those moments of fear that we can have when we think it is all about to fall apart again. You have a wonderful was of expressing that inner part of yourself that the world does not understand or perhaps better said will never be able to understand. I am glad that ariadneK has listed your blog. I am certain I will be back and I hope you return soon.

norty said...

At first I didn't like wearing the clothes... now when I see them I run AT them rather than away!