Every little thing

It's been nearly I week since switching back to the real deal. I think the brand name wellbutrin (non generic) keeps my appetite under control and is starting to clear my head. I don't graze as much or get an extra helping. I'm not get those crazy cravings. My mood is better today than it has been for quite awhile.

Soul searching, I've become aware of what a martyr I really am, sabotaging my own happiness. It has to stop. I worked at recovering positive memories while waiting for a good nights rest to claim me last night. I think that helped. My memory isn't an easy access, nothing at the forefront during the time I've been medicated. I think the stuff before that I engraved in my mind so its harder to forget.

I'm having a horrible time with what I assume to be asthma lately. I'm just not getting air without that heaviness in my chest. I'm so drugged or groggy that I can't remember what I'm doing (thus being diverted), what show I was watching during a commercial, answers to questions I've asked. I didn't take my xanax today, and I still find myself tired. Caffeine isn't cutting it these days.
Time for a nap or energy drink. What do you think?

Oh, Amelie sends her lickity kisses to those who are wondering how she's been. The new dog (Speckles) has Ams back up a bit. Her attention has been elsewhere, while she tends to her rival. As mom, I've been busy reffing the two since my last blog entry.


Milt Bogs said...

Hey that's a powerful cocktail you're on there Gabbi. Hope it's not the Xanax that's causing the asthma symptoms. Phone the Doc and ask.
Look after yourself.

disso_k said...

It's good to hear that you have had a slight improvement as a result of going back to the brand name med, gabbi. Best of luck with getting that asthma under control. Try not to be so hard on yourself too, when it comes to thinking that you are a martyr and that you are sabotaging your own happiness. I don't know if I am off the mark here and my apologies if I am, but it sounds like you may be beating yourself up a little about it. Take care and best wishes.

jane said...

No, no no energy drink. They aren't any good for you. I take welbutrin too & it helps with my depression.
I'd love to see a picture of both doggy's. Speckles is such a cute name. I think it's great Amelie has a friend now. (well, eventually a friend)
Take it easy

Lisa said...

Between coffee and an energy drink, I'd take the nap. Nothing beats a good nap.

Also, if you're not sure it's asthma that's bothering you, go see a doctor. Really, you should. Hope you feel better.

The Mass Defective said...

Wellbutrin helped me lose weight, but unfortunately it didn't help with my depression. I have the same problem with accessing memories and I think it is med related. I know they're there, but for me it's like I've been locked out of my own brain. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you don't mind, but I added a link to your blog.
Take care,