I can smell the essential oil I applied last night. My foul mistake. Stinky like black pepper. At the time I believed I had grabbed the strawberry scent, but I was wrong. What is worse is that it flowed faster than the berry oil. That's how I figured it out. Ending with me drenched in Muscle relief stink. Which isn't so bad really, ignoring the fact its a smell certain to wake and I was intending to sleep. An assault to my olfactory senses instead of sweet slumber.

Actually, that reminds me of a culinary trend when I was younger that I had always wanted to try. Strawberry and black pepper ice cream. Seriously. I've had 'Ube' ice cream. A Filipino treat the flavor of purple yam. I've had the kind with chunks of real coconut meat too. Delish. However I wasn't impressed with the spoonful of 'Cheese and Corn' flavor. That one got spat directly into the sink being an instant displeasure to my taste buds.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this...

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Jill said...

Ok, those flavors just don't sound appealing at all!! Hopefully next time, you'll actually get the strawberry scented one. :)

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