If you don't know what it's like

I'm actually having a panic attack which has began about a half hour ago... and I feel soooo sick! For those of you who haven't had the blessed chance to experience one I'll walk you through it. Usually it starts as a case of bad nerves, feeling a bit on edge. It then starts to escalate from something uncomfortable to something unmanageable. Next thing you know hyperventilating has become an issue (If your experienced this is the first thing to control). From there we arrive at true panic and basically finding your situation more of a predicament truly unbearable.

What brought this on, you ask? Here is a laugh, as the reason is familiar to some but hasn't been an issue for me in years... the dentist. Yes, going as a child was terrible but in the right hands I was able to visit without a problem. I'd practically fall asleep in the chair. I'd certainly been there enough to be used to it, having had mouth surgery, braces, and extensive work done over the years.

But now, here I am. At the point of sheer avoidance. Yes, I tried to cancel but they made me feel guilty because it was a long duration for them to fill. Gawd.

I'm wound up tight like a guitar string waiting to snap. Dizzy, almost blacking out or at least fearing I might. Shaking on the inside but holding it together on the outside once a xanax has come into play. Worst is getting so tired from the anguish and wanting to sleep even though its only 9AM.


Milt Bogs said...

Hi Gabbi. Thanks for the visit. The ladies are available on t-shirts and night shirts. The woman who paints them obviously doesn't think they'll appeal to men. Hope your day works out better than it's started.

disso_k said...

Panic attacks must be horrible! Thankfully I never get past the uncomfortable feeling. I think I must be the poster child for avoidance sometimes.

Were you able to make it to your appointment?