Can I predict problems, or what?

What a disaster!
The pessimist in me says I should have known better, that nothing is easy when it comes to me. Seeing the dentist proved to be a painful experience needful as the trip was. Not only did I not freeze well, I was jabbed numerous times afterwards only for it to leave my tongue numb and the filling excruciating.

Because the procedure took so long I have to go back to get it finished. Then I have to have two teeth extracted and even that is complicated. Don't forget this has to get paid somehow. Hopefully I can afford a partial after all is said and done. All the torture from the orthodontist only to have fake teeth anyway. Life is full of lemons.

Oh, but fate is a fickle funny thing!
What do you think I got in the mail when I made it home? A letter from my insurance asking permission to access my files to audit my dentist office. Ha! Sometimes I get sugar in my lemonade, so to speak! I'll worry about the cavities it causes later and enjoy the sweet satisfaction.

Miss Amsterdam (Amelie the dog)
For those of you who have been wondering about my devious little pooch, I'll give a days synopsis from her point of view...
Bugger! My mum is going out without me! Noooo!
Guess I'll have to have fun without her. Harrumph!
Snore... Wha? 'Bark' car, 'bark' person.
Wee I'm at the top of the couch! Whoops, almost fell through the cushions that time. Wee!
(gazes intently through window)
Well that took long enough...She is back, with such a grumpy face.
Mum, Mum! (bum wiggles from tail wagging)
Look, I have that stick of milk tea Pocky you offered last night. See! Did you get me anything?
Yay! She is bending over to pick me up.
Geez I'm excited I think I'll pee on the floor.
Bad, bad, bad, enough with the lecture already.
Finally, it's about time. Hugs and kisses. Slurp, slurp. Suh-weet!
Life is grand, ain't it?

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Milt Bogs said...

You survived! Dentists tend to develop really bad backs and their suicide rate as a group is pretty high too. Neither of those "facts":) upset me in the slightest which is unusual for me. I think they get everything they deserve. If I ever met a sensitive, caring, poorly paid dentist I might change my mind. The whole sadistic clan could learn a lot from dogs about how to put patients at ease. N.B. I do not include my current chinese lady dentist in my dental care hate list as she is a most impressive tail wagger.