I mean well, well I mean...

Firstly, thanks for everyone being so supportive.

I've been tired and listless, therefore writing less. Crazy, because it would probably open the creative channels and get things flowing if I did.

I find myself typing and deleting barely making an entry. Pretty much staring at the screen with a blank expression. I get easily frustrated and drop what I'm doing at the tinge of anything close to annoyance. Kinda bratty really, if you think about it.

I'm not getting much sleep, perhaps I need less. Although I don't have the energy I had access to a few weeks ago. Maybe I have manic tendencies as well as depressive ones.

Times like this I bring Am to bed with me, pull up the covers tight around my chin and breathe deep. Sleeping and dreaming trying to make sense of it all. Hoping to wake up fresh and revitalized. At least least I'm assured sweet puppy kisses upon waking.


Milt Bogs said...

Just let the typing rip. Never hit delete.

Radin said...

Yes I agree. Just type what comes not worrying much. What comes at that moment is usually the right thing. You can do some meditation before sleep. Enough sleep is what we always need.

jane said...

my daughter says the same about her puppies, she loves their kisses when she wakes.
i agree with milt & radin, type anything & the word 'nothing', whatever it is gabbi, just type.
or perhaps you could tell us what your puppy would like to say! i've seen a few sites like that & they're the cutest!