Goodbye to an era

I have such huge news! I quit my job! I'm feeling a bit mortified now, seeing I'm unemployed. Of course there was a plan or I wouldn't have done it. My shrink won't believe I actually, finally, did it!

So quiet

shh, shh. The world sleeps while I try not to wake it. I'm up all night long. My inner clock keeps ticking (maybe that's what's keeping me up) but the timing is all off. I'd love to hear I'm not alone when I say I think I don't want to sleep. Isn't that just crazy?

My head is dopey since this insomnia 'bout. Being at home is worrisome knowing I have plenty of experience being a shut-in. I'm what iffing myself to death. Good gravy, what if history repeats itself.
Its all happened before, and it will all happen again ~ song, unknown title

I'm such a pill!
Yet another pill. I just had my dosage increased.

I have all these empty bottles I refuse to throw away. They represent something. When they do get tossed its in batches. I cant ever figure out what I could do with them. Anybody have an idea? I'm thinking about creating an art piece. Just the quantity of them makes such a statement. Amber containers that make me different. That make me like many. Hope in a jar.

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malfouka said...

i was never able to throw medication jars away. I always thought I could use them somehow. Now, I force myself to discard them but i always suffer a brief moment of panic and regret.