On the top of the mountain

My Amelie sits tall up upon the highest spot she can get to in the house. At the moment it's the couch. My Mom says I'm too easy on her. I don't discipline. Ah but I have, I just don't like it. When my dog looks at me I know she could do no wrong. She trusts me to the point of being silly. I love her. Even when I grit my teeth at the upteenth mistake she's made in the middle of the night. Who could resist those brown eyes? Here's to baby Am. Please stop stepping on my hair when I'm sleeping - Funny fur-girl!

Ouch, my freakin' ears!
Well, I've heard the snippets from the 'Army of Me' CD that just came out. They had 800 versions to choose from and they picked these? Everyone butchered that song! I hate remakes as a general rule, and these cover tunes are no exception. She may have had charity in her heart, but your better off donating to unicef tsunami efforts directly. Sorry Bjork, I love ya but even the best tracks can get mutilated when put in the wrong hands.

Actually I'm being unfair. It being my favorite song during a critical moment in my life. It means so much to me because it was the eye openner for me. The lyrics told me what I needed to hear. I called my ex on his lies and started fighting for my survival. Besides, these artists are nothing like the queen bee, at least to me.

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