Give sleep a chance

Less than 3 hours sleep last night and no snoozing beforehand. I'm really behind in my z's lately. Insomnia comes easy to me. I'm a night owl. A real hoot! So I took the scorned upon nap that they tell you not to do (it messes with your sleep schedule). How else am I going to see through gritty dry eyes tomorrow morning?

A bowl full of jelly
How many rolls do you have? Ever have the surprise that pants that fit yesterday don't overnight, today the button is bursting? I eat to get to sleep. The carbs knock me out. I'd add more sleep medicine to my cocktail but the hangover the next morning is terrible ( I wasn't trying to make a pun either).

I tally my calories and nutritional needs, no more guessing. I'm trying to stay on my feet more and hopefully the doc can help me with my heel pain. Then its new shoes and working out. Especially walking. Working in the mall lets you window shop at the same time. When its congested with toothpicks, half naked kids (though you wouldn't guess) it isn't as much fun. Some of the stuff I hear from inside the store is disgusting. And when did girls take up spitting on the sidewalk? Gross!

Back to the ironing board
I'm the laundry queen. I'm getting hooked on the mesmerising whirling spin cycle of the washer and bumpity thump of the dryer. Now that we have floor space I've realized we don't have nearly enough hangers. I used to admire my boyfriends Ikea polished metal hangers - that is until I had to lift a handful. Me no like. They are HEAVY!

I've done my own laundry for years and suddenly I have the most wrinkled clothing.
I could sleep in my clothes and have them pass for public viewing. The snuggle softener bear has been sleeping on the job. Maybe Amelie got to him.

As easy-wear the fabric is I grudgingly had to iron. Obviously there is something wrong with the ironing board (which is too big for our kitchen), as well as the iron itself. You see, the wrinkles come back before I can actually finish hanging the damn clothing. Someone teach me, I'm steam & press challenged! Maybe its the dryer. Maybe its me. Naw, that can't be!

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MMark said...

My sleep pattern was unkept for years, but now it is a wonder, at least 8 solids every night. I get off work around six, begin to drink, and keep drinking till about 10, eat a nice meal, and boom, no pills, just the fatigue combined with the booze, and eased along by a healthy satisfying meal. When I awake, I exercise for an hour. Could be called a drunk by the tea types, but i never liked them anyway, and plus, with all the exercise I do, could easily kick there ass if needed.