It seems Kerwin sings for more than his lonely heart.

Perched on the couch, as I drowned myself in tea, I let the t.v. entertain the dogs (as it wasn't doing much for me) this morning. It was in that sleepy moment when the pug of our house guests was swept up into the music... of the Clorox commercial.

I surmised the tune was somehow special. The same subtle pings of the laundry machine hidden beneath guitar melody perked both mine and his ears - nearly driving both of us batty! I couldn't help finding his reaction amusing. I mean, what a voice this doggy has! He can hold a note forever in perfect pitch. A siren song of sorts. As impressed as I am, his fellow canines looked at him as if he was daffy.
...I guess everyone is a critic these days.


Anonymous said...

Who is Kerwin?

Lizzy B said...

Oh, Winny of Ker... I am sad that I missed his song.

mainja said...

This is really a good time of year to have some K9 company, no matter what their singing voice! *grin*