Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and felt like I'd spent a few hours in the fridge. My significant other and I were tucked inside a quilt like two pigs in a blanket (except no toasty wienies here).

I shivered my way to the source and scuttled down the hall. I flicked; on the light switch for some illuminated guidance. Oddly, I was faced with the absence of light. So distracted from my initial task II went to checked the breaker box. Nothing had been tripped. Lovely. We had just brought someone in who fixed some electrical problems just the day before!

Brrr! I trembled, very perplexed. Then my attention flips over back to the lack of heat. I turned the temperature up assuming the morning hours had become more frigid due to weather. I then slipped back into bed, scootching my feet in the warm pocket that had been left from beneath my dog's tummy.

*Blink Blink*

Dang! Now I was fully awake. Thus I couldn't help but be a ware that the usually audible pilot light click was missing. I knew then that the furnace was NOT going to kick in.

Back to the thermostat I went, to fidget with the slider switch much like how a person lifts the hood of their broken down car only to stare confused at the heap of engine parts. I had no idea how to fix it.

Bring in yesterdays cavalry and much thumping around we now have a temporary cord juicing the contraption. At least we won't freeze over the next few days until the handyman can come back.

This morning has been a mess of surprises I could do without... Like how strangely my kitchen is now less a coat closet due to this fiasco. Dear BF is in charge of the situation knowing the grim details, but I'm NOT ASKING.

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