I surrender!

I raise my Kleenex as a white flag, grabbing a new tissue.
Yep... it's allergy season.

But it's far too hot to complain. I simply can't keep focus on more than the weather. The heat takes my mind off my nasal woes. It's been bastardly hot this season.

Lawns' are more scorched than green. A sunny garden left unattended, in a few hours resembles a cemetery plot. Drooping sad flowers and lifeless green limbs hang in the miserable drying sun. The mortality of our rosemary seedlings provide a perfect example of how unbearable these temperatures are.

Our place feels like a furnace. Slightly better than my sister's condo, which must feel like an easy bake oven. My parent's air conditioned kitchen is barely a sanctuary. The unit can't take on such magnitude. My mom can't sleep at night, much like everyone in the area. It's just too damned hot.

I'm praying for rain, not sure it if it would make much difference. At least our lawn would benefit. I haven't seen so much dead and dying water deprived grass in years.
...Just thinking about it makes me thirsty.

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Milt Bogs said...

Hi Gabbi,
It's been hot here too but as soon as we get used to it being up round 30 it drops back down to 17 and feels too cold.
Heavy rain is no good for plants and grass, it just runs off. What you really need is UK drizzle, light rain that goes on and on for ever. You're more than welcome to that.