I'm a buzz with millions of ideas. Plans and endeavors that unfortunately never get off the ground. Sometimes it's due to being sidetracked, lack of motivation, perhaps even sensibility once and awhile. I've come up with many a crazy scheme, luckily the worst never coming to fruition. I assume these thought patterns are born of an unsettled creative mind.

I wish I would apply myself and nurture my artistic nature. I find myself a repressed artist stinting my own success via fear and lack of confidence. No longer actualization tactile projects. Leaving no evidence to prove my abilities.

Swinging back and forth, I wonder... If I once had it in me - is it still there, laying dormant just waiting for ignition? Or, has it wilted. Will it fade away? Am I in some funk that will eventually pass, Just in need of a spark? The flames of creativity taking hold so I may make art once more.


jane said...

This is weird & I do the exact same thing & have SO many ideas & then I buy all this stuff to do art with, but it never gets done. I think fear is a big reason why I don't move forward with my ideas. Do you think that may be the same with yours?

gabbi said...

Maybe if we allow ourselves the release that art can give, we can go beyond our fear of expectation. I'm willing to join an online group to sort these issues out. Perhaps you would like to also?

Lizzy B said...

I painted for the first time just over two years ago. I was fearful, of expectation from myself and others. When I expressed this to my sister, a talented artist in her own right, she gave me these words of advice: it matters not what others see when I am finished, the accomplishment was in my own taking up of the brush. "Just paint." Advice, I am happy to say, I apply whenever I feel the ache to create.