Bump in the night

Last night was exhausting. Amelie barked and growled incessantly waking both D and I up, causing quite a conniption. Finally between begging her to stop the racket and fits of interrupted sleep...We HEARD the object of her distemper!

The mysterious noise was originally thought to have emanated from Speckles' odd doings. That is, until we realized she wasn't even in the room! Blurry eyed we both woke up to inspect the auditory anomaly. Without any visual clues we unable to find the culprit. However, it's safe to say it was a mouse lurking about. Feeling defeated we crawled back in bed defeated, knowing there was nothing that could be done until morning.

Laying in the not so silent darkness, my head began conjuring unlikely and disturbing scenarios. I wearily fell back asleep most sure the varmint was re-arranging the furniture during one pique point. I shuddered at the thought! Maybe the ghastly critters were having a get together. A 'moving party' minus the pizza, with grey beady eyed family and friends joining in the bizarre night's activity. My brain echoed the adage 'to have one mouse is to have many'.
Perish the thought!

When the dog somewhat settled down, pacifying herself by licking my hubby's pillow-cradled head, it was 4 AM. Like clockwork the birds outside rose resounding their ritualistic twitter (I've spent many a sleepless night fascinated by their timely conversations with an enthralled moon enrapt of their musings) .

With the dog wedging a safe spot between us I couldn't help but think how spooked we would have been had we not known the source. Bad enough, the Most Haunted TV episodes, and Coast to Coast paranormal radio broadcasts we willingly subjected ourselves, we would have undoubtedly surmised the nights events were supernatural in nature. A bit over the top, right?

Hours later, my guy woke up to find the likely candidate caught, ironically a ghost itself. For the first time he expressed his primitive urge of man over beast. I was relieved to see his sensitive notions swept to the wayside. The prior summer's counter-productive humane traps and my burden of being in charge of the ugliness had drained me.
From now on, if anyone is was going to do any chair hopping and stereotypical shrieking - let it be me!

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