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Sleepy head
I think I'm nocturnal. That must be it. The only time I feel alive is at night. I haven't posted in eons... figuring I'd bore myself and everyone else to tears with my lack of enthusiasm. Excuse me when I'm yawning.
Nobody gets what it can be like having sleep issues, unless they themselves had the experience. Even then, nobody knows how it feels to be me. Thank your lucky stars and dreams for that one.


Milt Bogs said...

Hi there Gabbi,
I sleep for an hour then I wake up because I'm too hot. Usually it takes an hour or two to cool down before i can get to sleep again.
I used to have problems sleeping because there was today's garbage floating about inside my head. Nowadays I just wake up because I'm too hot. That's temperature you understand.

Cinthia said...

I'm finally entering the realm of the sleeping world. But with a lot of help from something which may be my downfall down the road... Ah well, it's good to be able to sleep again, for now.

Anonymous said...

Try some St. John' Wort. Works for me!

jane said...

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jane said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been having the same problems & have been up til as late as 7:30am. I finally figured out 1 of my meds was keeping me awake, so I started taking it in the day. But I still don't like going to sleep at night; I've always been that way.
Late at night I become very alert, creative, you name it. That is actually a good time for you to write Gabbi, it's when you're 'awake'.
lol @ what milt said...he's too hot ;)

Wenchy said...

That is exactly what my friends call me... "The Noctural Wench"... I share so much of what you wrote here.

Wenchy said...

Sorry, I just saw the comment re St. John' Wort.......... and it made me laugh ALLOT.