Prognosis... Positive

A taste of happiness
I had a sweet day. I went to bed and got up at a reasonable hour. I hopped out of bed and my ailing foot was remarkably better. My dearest made a coffee run to Starbucks . We watched a movie over blueberry scones (scons - as Darrel pronounces it, being a stubborn Brit).

I made a simple but healthy dinner consisting of fragrant jasmine rice, baby snap peas, julianned carrots and crisp water chestnuts topped with a homeade sweet and sour sauce. Add a chaser of freshly brewed Jasmine & Green infused iced tea to keep the theme. Later I made a light but creamy chocolate banana dessert.

I actually get to cook again seeing I'm at home full-time. Something I do enjoy doing. I even made a proper snack for post work-out, full of protein and also calorie wise.

I've done well.

Toot toot!
Amelie has gas. The sneak up and floor you kind. Its become a real problem. I gave her some pepto-bismal (she has a pink mustache to prove it) but it didn't obliterate the silent killers she's emitting. For something so small she sure has magnitude!

I've been perusing 'Blog Explosion' and I haven't finished all the work I intended. My kitchen looks like a bomb hit it, aptly so. Massive clean up efforts will be put into action tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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